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Noray Bioinformatics, S.L. (NorayBio) is the leading bioinformatics company in Spain. Founded in 2002 and situated in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, NorayBio is specialised in the development and commercialisation of software for the life sciences and health sectors : biotechnology, biomedicine and biopharmacy.

NorayBio develops and implements software and databases for bioscience information management, data analysis and interpretation. NorayBio products are focussed mainly on animal research centres, biobanks, laboratories, biotechnology companies, multinational pharmaceutical corporations, groups of R&D in hospitals, universities and highly specialised public/private research centres. The company sees its presence in foreign markets as a strategic factor.

NorayBio has developed, since its foundation in 2002, an active policy of R&D and currently the company counts with wide experience in R&D project development thanks to the execution of more than 30 R&D national wide project, and 5 European Frame Program projects (FPVI and FPVII). The R&D department counts with its own staff resources, and is focused exclusively on research tasks.

Some specific expertises of the R&D department are: NorayBio.2

  • Data Mining: tools and algorithms development for variable selection, rules finding, clustering, dimensional reduction, etc.
  • Machine learning techniques implementation in order to build models, classifiers and predictors.
  • Other Bioinformatics tools development, like sequence alignment, spectra treatment, functional enrichment of data, etc.
  • Biological and pharmaceutical data analysis.
  • Design and development of biological data bases and informatics platforms for their management, exploitation and interpretation.Â

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