University of Gothenburg


The University of Gothenburg is a public institute for higher education in Sweden, serving more than 50,000 students and 5,000 employees. UGOT has active and internationally recognised research programmes with involvement in EU-funded research projects, including more than 70 projects in the FP7. The Department of Infectious Disease provides education for medical, nursing, dental and medical technology students and graduate-level research in the fields of clinical bacteriology and virology. The Cullure Collection University of Gothenburg is an internationally recognized

biological resource centre, with archives of more than 60,000 reference strains for research and diagnostics. The UGOT team comprises research experience In molecular microbial diagnostics and antibiotic resistance, with nearly 200 publications combined, including more than 20 publications demonstrating proteomics applications for microbial analyses. Dr. Karlsson is the co-inventor and patent holder of the LPI technology for mass spectrometry analyses. Dr. Kristiansson is Assistant Professor at ChalmersTechnicalUniversity in Gothenburg. He has established a reference database of nearly 2,500 antibiotic resistance genes in 276 functional groups and has developed bioinformatics search tools to promote sequential and function al gene comparisons. Dr. Svensson-Stadler is Division Head in the Department of Clinical Microbiology of Sahlgrenska Hospital, providing experience in clinical diagnostics. The UGOT team has already experience collaborating together within the SahlgrenskaAcademy, which includes depattments of UGOT, ChalmersTechnicalUniversity and Sahlgrenska Hospital.