Hadassah Medical Organization

Hadassah Building

The Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem is recognized as one of the most advanced medical centers for health care, research and teaching. It includes a tertiary UniversityHospital at Ein Kerem and a community UniversityHospital at Mt.Scopus.

At the heart of Hadassah’s mission statement lays its commitment to excellence in providing medical care, performing medical research and providing medical education.

In order to be prepared to work in today’s medical environment, Hadassah has created centers of Excellence: brain trusts of scientists and physicians, integrating clinical care with the latest laboratory lessons. These centers operate in areas such as molecular and cell therapies, immune mediated disorders, computer assisted and robotic minimal invasive surgery, organ transplantation, and more.

The flagship of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah University Medical Center treats all those who come within its doors and are in need of care without discrimination, regardless of their religion, nationality, race, gender or political beliefs. About one million patients are treated at Hadassah every year. Out of Hadassah’s 5,000 employees, there are 850 doctors, 1,940 nurses, 1,020 paramedical staff, work at its two campuses with more than 1,100 beds, over 100 sub-specialties, 31 operating rooms, 9 intensive care units and more than 120 outpatient clinics.

Together with the Hebrew University, Hadassah owns and operates Schools of medicine, nursing, dental medicine, public health and occupational therapy, thus playing a major role in growing the future generations of Israel’s medical and nursing professionals.

Half of the medical research that is conducted in hospitals in Israel is performed at Hadassah, which constitutes an active framework for clinical studies and residency in all fields of medicine.  Research units and projects as well as research programs, in cooperation with institutions and scientists in Israel and around the world, are incorporated within the framework.  The important findings discovered at Hadassah can be found in hundreds of publications that appear every year in the international professional journals. Hadassah has the highest number of research articles among all hospitals in Israel.

Hadassah subsidiary Hadasit, is our technology transfer arm, responsible for guiding technologies from scientific innovations to commercial applications. In order to accomplish this transformation, Hadasit is equipped with the full spectrum of resources and capabilities for conducting the wide range of pre-clinical services and clinical studies, establishing start-up companies, offering product licensing and providing international consulting services, using a specially built biotech park at Hadassah, .and enjoying close vicinity to Hadassah University Hospital’s rich infrastructure of state -of-the-art GMP-compliant facilities and FDA-certified clinical trials center.

We are not waiting for the future we are building it today. As of 2012, a new state of the art 500 bed hospital tower will become the main facility serving our patients from Israel and around the world. The 1 million square feet tower includes 19 floors (5 under the ground), 20 operating rooms and 60 intensive care beds, built as a bomb shelter.

Prof. Dan Engelhard

Hadassah logo Prof, Dan Engelhard is Professor of Pediatrics at the Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical Organization,Chair the Clara & Seymour Smoller Chair in Pediatrics and Head of Pediattic Infectious Diseases at Hadassah Medical Organization. He is specialist in pediatrics and in infectious diseases. In the last 10 years Prof. Dan Engelhard was Head of Department of Pediatrics, Hadassah Ein Kerem and currently he dedicates his time at Hadassah to research, to patients with infectious diseases and to teaching. Among his past research and publications (more than 100 original articles), he participated in many studies and was a co-author in their publications of the Infectious Diseases Working Party of the European Bone Marrow Transplantation (IDWP-EBMT) and of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) on antibiotic therapy for neutropenic cancer patients. He has been also very active in the European Conferences on Infections in Leukaemia (ECLL), being involved in their publications as well.

For further information. Email: Engelhard@hadassah.org.il